Our academy coaching is suited for competitive, tournament players who are ranked highly in their respective age groups. We have multiple classes available per week to ensure players get the opportunity to train regularly in a ‘high performance’ environment. We focus on technical development, shot patterns, individual play style, decision making, fitness and matchplay.

We are fortunate to have our own fitness & strengthening coach (Anna) who runs fitness sessions for our academy players. Players are also recommended to weekly exercises at home to improve their performance on court. 

Group sizes are max 4-5 players to ensure players get maximum attention and opportunity to improve their game at a rapid pace. Groups are formed by age and ability so players can train against others of a similar ranking.


We have strong values that coaches should be watching their students throughout the year. Academy players get the benefit of Nic (coach) watching your matches, giving pre-match tactics and post-match analysis at local events.

This gives our players a big advantage when competing in important tournaments, as well as valuable information to implement in private/group trainings.

Session Days & Times (Winter 2021):

  • Bronze (8-10yrs, Green-Dot) 

       - Monday's 5.30pm to 6.30pm​

       - Wednesday's 5pm to 6pm

  • Silver (10-13yrs, S9-S11)

       - Tuesday's 4pm to 5pm

       - Wednesday's 4pm to 5pm

       - Thursday's 4pm to 5pm

  • Gold (13+, S7 & above)

       - Tuesday's 5pm to 6.15pm

       - Thursday's 5pm to 6.15pm


  • Matchplay (any juniors)

       - Friday's 4pm


Key Information:

  • Winter 2021 coaching starts on May 3rd and runs for 16 weeks (Term 2: 8 weeks & Term 3: 8 weeks)

  • All classes are held at Edgeware Tennis Club.

  • We have 'back up' weeks available if wet weather, or indoor courts can be used.

  • If you miss a squad, you are eligible to join another class in the week to catch up.



  • $240 for 1 class per week (Bronze/Silver), 16 weeks of coaching

  • $280 for 1 class per week (Gold only), 16 weeks of coaching

  • $400 for 2 classes per week (Bronze/Silver), 16 weeks of coaching

  • $480 for 2 classes per week (Gold only), 16 weeks of coaching 

  • $520 for 3 classes per week (Silver), 16 weeks of coaching

- This cost includes weekly fitness sessions run by our Personal Trainer.

- This cost includes our coaches watching at local tournaments.

- This cost includes priority for upcoming tennis trips.

- If we cannot complete all weeks of coaching, 'credit' can be used for following term.

- Invoices are sent in early May and due by 1 June 2021.