We run a holistic tennis academy programme for 'high-performance' junior players covering tennis coaching, mindset, physical and nutrition.


Players get the benefits of training in an academy environment and get opportunities

to travel around NZ to compete in various tournaments with our coaching team. 

We pride ourselves on creating a positive environment for players to train hard but also

to enjoy competing, with the focus on building a "team" atmosphere.

We cater to each individual and have number restrictions within our academy to ensure

we can give each player 100% attention towards their development. 

All academy players also receive online coaching through "LIGA" from our expert team

in mindset, fitness, stretching, nutrition and podcasts. We believe this is a crucial aspect

of any sport if players wanting to play at the very top level.


Players also receive an 1 on 1 exercise programme from our S&C coach (Erica) which

focuses on improving their physical performance on-court and avoiding injuries. 

Erica runs a fitness testing session at the start of each term to track each athlete's

progress and these results help us form the 1 on 1 programme. 



Technical development

Tactical awareness

Focus on consistency

Point play

Fitness and movement 

(Winter 2022)

  • Wednesday's 4-5.15pm (Edgeware)

  • Thursday's 4-5.15pm (Avonhead)



Technical development

Tactics and styles of play

Shot selection and patterns

LIGA membership

1 on 1 fitness programme

(Winter 2022)

  • Monday's 5.15-6.30pm (Edgeware)

  • Tuesday's 4-5.15pm (Edgeware)

  • Thursday's 4-5.15pm (Edgeware)


12yrs +

In-depth technique/tactics

Constructing points

Focus on serving/volleying

LIGA membership

1 on 1 fitness programme

(Winter 2022)

  • Tuesday's 5.15-6.30pm (Edgeware)

  • Thursday's 5.15-6.30pm (Edgeware)


Term 2: MAY 02 - jul 08 2022
Term 3: jul 25 - SEP 30 2022

Our Academy runs for 16 weeks, which leaves us 3-4 weeks 'back up' in case of wet weather. We take a 'break' over the July holidays for tournaments. If we do NOT get through our required sessions, 'credit' is carried over to the following term or can be used in one of our holiday programmes.


Please email us to see

if you are eligible!


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