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Full-Time Academy Programme

We run a holistic tennis academy programme at Elevate Tennis for high performing junior players wanting to take their game to the next level. Players have access to group sessions up to four times a week, as well as fitness programmes, fitness testing, mindset sessions, nutrition, video analysis, tournament mentorship/support and matchplay opportunities. 

Our award winning coaching team prides itself on creating a positive environment for all players where each individual is training hard but also enjoying the competition. We aim to provide enormous value to each academy player and cater our coaching style to their particular needs. The coaches are passionate about each player's development and will do everything possible to support their journey which includes being very active at Regional/National events.

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Our Focus

We believe that to be successful in tennis you need to be able to much more than hit a good forehand, backhand and serve. To succeed, you need to also be physically fit, mentally strong and understand the tactics of the game to get the better of your opponents. 

At Elevate, we provide a holistic approach to their development, focusing on four main areas:

"Nic and his coaching team at Elevate have developed our daughter's tennis to a highly competitive and successful tournament level. We trust the processes Nic puts in place with the Academy/LIGA programme as it does not only develop her tennis skills, technique and tactics but also her physical, mental and wellbeing... while still incorporating a fun and safe environment. Elevate has a positive and encouraging culture with a high level of professionalism, innovation and knowledge."

Fleur Kelso

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