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Tournaments and Trips available throughout the year!


We offer restrings! Strings available for all abilities



"Nic is a good coach for juniors to relate to and gives a friendly, sociable vibe. Nic has good knowledge and is good at picking out things players need to work on and teaching useful tactics to improve your game."

- Caleb, 16

"Nic is a great coach at helping to improve your game because he has experience at playing tennis as a junior. Because Nic has experience he can easily see what you need to work on and can improve those little aspects with small adjustments. Nic has a great experience with playing tournaments and can therefore give you useful game tactics against your opponent."

- Mitch, 15

"Nic is a great tennis coach and good at running tournaments. It is always enjoyable to be coached by him as he is nice and passionate."

- Rory, 12