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Aces Development Programme

Our Aces programme is catered for players aged 5-10 who are showing an enjoyment/talent for tennis through the Club Hotshots system. Players are invited to join this programme and split into the three stages; red ball, orange ball and green-dot ball.


Each class has 4-6 players with 1 “senior” coach which allows us the opportunity for each individual to get more attention with their coach and time hitting balls; which in turn speeds up the learning process and development of each player.


This programme does not only include group sessions, players will also receive ‘private lessons’ throughout the term. This is a great opportunity to go more in-depth with any technical work-ons each individual may have. 


Our Aces programme is an essential part of our player development structure and has proven to be successful in recent years, with four players (aged 9-11) currently ranked inside the top 10 in New Zealand.


Red Ball Stage

Plays horizontal across the court with a

mini net and 25% compression balls which are slightly larger than the standard size


Orange Ball Stage

Plays 3/4 court with the standard nets and

uses 50% compression balls which is slightly lighter than green-dot


Green-Dot Ball Stage

Plays full court with standard nets and uses

75% compression balls which are slightly lighter than the yellow ball

Programme Benefits

Improve your tennis in a fun, engaging environment. Each player will improve their social skills, communication and respect for one another

Perform the basics of tennis to a high level; groundstrokes, volleying, serving and movement, helping players develop at a faster pace

Smaller groups led by our senior coaching team allows for more attention, time hitting balls and progression of skills

In-depth technical and tactical knowledge by our coaching team, with a proven record of developing players to 'tournament level' 

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