Junior Aces

Our 'Junior Aces' program is for young, keen and talented tennis players who want to develop their skills further. Our aim is to provide players with an extensive coaching program as they transition from Red Ball, through to Orange & Green. Junior Aces players are usually invited to join these sessions from showing potential at club tennis coaching; with a vision to play competition (and train in our academy) in the future. 

Our Focus:

  • Improve tennis fundamentals, skills and technique in a fun environment.

  • Develop key footwork and movement drills.

  • Progress into serving, rallying and scoring. 

  • Attention to detail from coaches and forward-thinking approach.


  • Red Ball (25% compression), we use bigger tennis balls and smaller courts for players to learn the fundamentals of tennis. Great for newer players!

  • Orange Ball (50% compression), balls are smaller than red & court size is larger, perfect for players who have had experience/transitioned from red ball.

  • Green-Dot Ball (75% compression), these balls are very similar to a ‘normal’ ball and kids play on a full court. Players progress to interclub level soon after.


Session Days & Times (Winter 2021)

  • Red Ball (Ages 5-7): Monday's 4pm to 4.45pm

  • Orange Ball (Ages 7-9): Monday's 4.45pm to 5.30pm

  • Green-Dot Ball (Ages 9-11): Monday's 5.30pm to 6.15pm or Tuesday's 6pm to 6.45pm

- Groups will commence on May 10th 2021 and run for 15 weeks through terms 2&3. 

- All groups are run by Nic Jenkins and held at Edgeware Tennis Club. 

- Groups are limited to a maximum of 4-5 players per class.


  • 1 class per week (for a total of 15 weeks)   =   $180 


Full Payment must be paid into Elevate Tennis bank acc (12-3240-0211054-50) by 

15th May 2021. Part-payments can also be fine, please contact us.


How is this different to group coaching at my club?

Group coaching is great, however it involves much bigger groups of various ages and abilities which can sometimes be difficult. Our aim is that our program will have smaller groups, more attention to detail and allows us to separate groups depending on abilities. 


How big are the groups and who is running the sessions?

Group sizes are a maximum of 4-5 players, this allows us to give players 100% attention and get more practice within each session. Nic (Head Coach) will run all of our Junior Aces classes.


Why should I play tennis in the winter?

Unfortunately, a lot of the skills players learn over summer goes to waste when they stop playing for 6 months. It’s vital for their development to get more repetition and continue to learn new skills. This is the best way to get rapid improvement and be better prepared for transitioning into competition. 


What if it rains? 

We provide 15 weeks of coaching over winter which allows ‘back-up’ weeks in case of any wet weather.

This allows us to always get through the weeks. If not, ‘credit’ from your payment will be carried over to the following term.


I don’t know much about tennis or what level my child is?

Feel free to contact Nic if you would like more information on this or other programmes. If Nic or the coaching team has seen your child play before, then we can accurately put them into the correct class.


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