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Elevate Tennis is making significant changes to increase players opportunities to improve their tennis.

We have numerous programmes giving students the chance to enhance their skills on/off

the court and allow more flexible hours on when they want to train.

Throughout the term, players will get opportunities to play against and learn from some of the best players in our country (dependent on programme you choose). We have a main focus on developing players mental and physical attributes; whether it's fitness, yoga, tactics, or positive mindset on court.


Red/orange ball


- Red: Monday 4 to 4.45pm

- Orange: Monday 4.45 to 5.30pm

- Great opportunity to improve their motor skills, coordination and tennis fundamentals.

- Classes a fun, group environment which also has a competitive nature to it.

- Aim to progress players into Interclub competition.

- Winter classes are all run by Head Coach (Nic).

- Max of 4 players in each class to ensure maximum attention.


- Tuesday/Thursday 5pm to 6pm

- This class is best suited for New Interclub players wanting to improve their tennis and progress into more competitive tennis.

- The focus is to develop all technical aspects of tennis as well as tactical point play/drills.

- Opportunity to train hard in a group environment against players of a similar ability.

- Option to include private gym programme for $50 a term

(20% discount)

Nic Jenkins

(Head Coach at Elevate Tennis)

I have been playing tennis since the age of 6 and have never looked back. I am passionate about improving all players I coach, no matter the age or ability.

As a junior I competed in numerous regional tournaments, represented Canterbury, won National Titles with my school, and competed in International events.


I thoroughly enjoy taking players on tennis trips throughout the year, whether it's Regional, National or International tournaments. I ensure these trips are affordable as I don't want finances to be an obstacle for a players development. I believe this is a great opportunity for Elevate Tennis players to play against different opponents in a different environment. It also allows a strong bond between our group environment.

I strongly believe I can take players to the next level of their game from watching and experiencing 10-15 years of tennis myself. I have built a programme for players to reach new heights and give them opportunities that may have not been previously possible.


- Tuesday/Thursday 5pm to 6pm

- This class is best suited for tournament players who compete in Regional/National events. 

- The focus of this class is to develop players' tactical, physical and mental aspects of tennis.

- Opportunity to train against players of a similar or higher ability.

- Players are required to give 100% effort in each session.

- Option to include private gym programme for $50 a term

(20% discount).