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Edgeware Tennis

Background Information



All Elevate Tennis coaching is held at Edgeware Tennis Club.

You do not need to be a member of Edgeware TC to participate in

Elevate Tennis coaching, but it is highly recommended.

At least 90% of Elevate Tennis clients play for Edgeware TC,

and they will have priority on coaching, tennis trips and much more.


Coaching Days & Times


All Edgeware TC coaching is run by Head Coach Nic alongside his

experienced assistant coaches.

Hotshots Beginner Coaching - Saturday 8.45 to 10.15am

Junior Interclub Training - Monday & Tuesday 5 to 7pm

Senior Interclub Training - Monday & Tuesday 7 to 8pm

Key Details

Address - 459 Innes Road, Christchurch

Contact Email - edgewaretennis@xtra.co.nz

Contact Phone - 0278608044 (Nic)