Head Coach

My name is Nic and I started playing tennis at the age of 7. After a successful junior career of competing in National & International tournaments, representing Canterbury multiple times and winning National school titles, I have turned my focus into coaching and helping others. With injuries impacting me playing competitive tennis any longer, it made sense to continue my passion and use my extensive knowledge/junior experience for my coaching sessions. 

I would say my 'style' of coaching is unique. I am forward-thinking, insightful and very driven. It's vital for players to have the balance between hard work and dedication, but also realising that we want to keep tennis being fun. I thoroughly enjoy watching players grow and develop not only as tennis players, but as people. My goal is give our players to get an abundance of opportunities so they can succeed their goals and ambitions. 

I thoroughly enjoy taking players around the country for tournament trips. These trips are predominantly ITF's, Nationals or Regional tournaments. Tournament Trips have a huge benefit for players; they get the opportunity to play different opponents, play more matches, get valuable 1on1 time with their coach and are part of a supportive, group environment. I really feel these trips are so valuable and great experiences for the players.


If you would to ask me any questions, or want more information, then feel free to scroll down below or contact me. I hope to see you on court soon!


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