Our Classes

Red Ball Class

Our Red Ball Class is best suited for kids aged 5-7 who are completely new to tennis or had minimal experience. This class gives kids a great opportunity to develop their motor skills, learn the different shots

in tennis and enjoy themselves in a group environment.

Winter Sessions:

  • Monday 4pm to 4.45pm

  • Tuesday 4pm to 4.45pm


$160 for 16 weeks


Our Orange Ball Class is best suited for players aged between 7-9 who have had small experience with tennis before or develop through the Red Ball programme. Our focus is to keep developing the kids coordination skills, technique of all groundstrokes and serving. This class is a fun, group environment.

Winter Sessions:

  • Monday 4.45pm to 5.30pm

  • Tuesday 4.45pm to 5.30pm


  • $160 for 16 weeks

Development Squad

Our Development Squad is suited for players aged 9-12 who recently have or about to be starting competition (such as Interclub or Tournaments). The focus is the continuation of players' technique, consistent rallying and developing tactical awareness in a point play setting. The aim is for these

players to progress into our 'Performance Squad' once they have improved.

Winter Sessions:

  • Tuesday 4pm to 5pm

  • Thursday 4pm to 5pm


  • $200 for 16 weeks (1 class)

  • $320 for 16 weeks (2 classes)

Performance Squad

Performance Squad is a high-performance class for competitive juniors (aged 12-16) competing in Regional and National tournaments. We focus on all aspects of tennis; technical, tactical, physical and mental. Players are expected to give 100% in all on court coaching and fitness sessions as well as participating in tennis trips across New Zealand. Our best players from this squad will aim to progress into our Academy.

Winter Sessions:

  • Tuesday 5pm to 6pm

  • Thursday 5pm to 6pm


  • $200 for 16 weeks (1 class)

  • $320 for 16 weeks (2 classes)


Our Academy is our NEW and most elite class giving our players a platform to exceed their own expectations. Players in this academy will get opportunities to train with the coaching team, Top 100 NZ players and have a personal trainer to guide them through their tennis journey. Our academy is strictly 'invite only' and the athletes are expected to be competing at a National and International level.

Winter Sessions:

  • Tuesday 6pm to 7pm

  • Thursday 6pm to 7pm

  • Saturday 9am to 10.30am

+ Off Court P.T sessions


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